Grooms By Amy



Doesn't every pet deserve to be pampered?   Let Amy make your pet feel rejuvenated with a fresh cllip, a nail trim and a bubble bath!   Amy specializes in making your pet pretty and give your pet his/her own unique look!  Many of her "clients" come in for a full day of beauty, while others come in for a touch up or just a bath.  For whatever your pet needs to feel (and smell!) fresh, call Amy today! Let her discuss with you what it is that your pet needs, what you want and how she can help you! 

We do require that your pet be current on vaccinations upon his/her day at the spa! This not only helps protect your pet while in the grooming facilty, but also to help protect the other patients that enter into our clinic!

Appointments are required.  Most pets are asked to brought into the office early in the day and left with Amy so that she can groom them, get them dry and ready to leave by the afternoon. 

 "Triton" before                                              

  "Triton" with a mohawk!          
  "Tonka" loves his Amy!        

"Dakota" after his summertime spa day!


  "Shredder" sporting a new "do" for fall!

  Looking sharp, "BuddY"!