Our Patients!

 "Gus" and "Diesel" are cuddled up on the couch! 

 "Zeus" waiting for his visit with the vet!


"Buddy" is being brave as he anticipates his rabies vaccine!

  "Smores" came in for a mani/pedi!

  "Rose" stole the hearts of everyone on her first visit!

   "Willow" hoped  in for a mani/pedi!

  "Skylar" is such a sweet little girl! 

  "Mr Blue's" mom and dad sent us some Hawaiian treats from the Aloha state!

  "Chester" is wondering what is that flashing light I keep seeing?

 "Alley" is posing pretty for the camera!

  "Luna" became a spoiled girl while she was recovering from surgery in our hospital!

  "Hershey" is a regular in our kennel and knows how to win over our staff with his big brown eyes!

  "Cocoa" and "Buster"'s mom submitted a cute photo of this picute perfect pair!

  "Callie' may not love coming the vet, but she loves cuddling up on her cute blanket.

  This is "Hydrant" - not only handsome but a very sweet young man! 

  "Nikki" is a truck and tractor pull kind of girl - on the weekends that is, during the week, she is a therapy dog! 

  "Kindle" is a new patient to GAC! Her family recently adopted her from the Friends of Campbell Co Animal Control (FOAC) and has offically made her a princess!

  "Diesel" is one of Amy's regular customers in her grooming department! Not only a cute boy, but a great pup to groom!

 "Nadia" and "Nico" love to come see us and much as we love seeing them! Such sweet little babies!!!

  "Ari" was an unusual patient for us, but we enjoyed seeing her! She was a very friendly pet chicken and seemed to enjoy coming to see us as well!