Links & Resources

The following links are listed to provide you with additional online information and resources.

Animal Behavior Problems: 
ASPCA – Behavior Problems 
Behavioral Problems – Dogs 
Companion Animal Solutions 
Information on Common Behavior Problems 

Animal Cancer: 
Animal Cancer Foundation 
Animal Cancer Tests 
Feline Cancer Resources 
Signs of Cancer in Dogs 
Skin Cancer – Can Pets Get It Too? 

Caring for Older Dogs: 
Taking Care of an Older Dog 
Caring for Older Dogs and Cats 
The Senior Dogs Project 

Caring for Puppies: 
Bringing A New Puppy Home 
Bringing Browser Home 
Bringing Your New Puppy Home 
Caring for a New Puppy 
Getting a New Puppy 
Getting a New Puppy  
Puppies 101 
Puppy Training 

People Foods to Avoid Feeding Your Pets 

Euthanasia Services: 
Small Animal Euthanasia at Home 
Special-Needs Pets – Choosing Euthanasia for Your Pet 

Pet Loss and Grief: 
Grief and Pet Loss 
Grief & the Loss of a Pet 
Loss and Grief 
Ten Tips on Coping with Pet Loss 

Pet Insurance: 
Embrace Pet Insurance 
Pet’s Best Insurance 
Trupanion Pet Insurance 
VPI Pet Insurance 
Healthy Paws Health Insurance 

Professional Organizations: 
American Animal Hospital Associations 
American Veterinary Medical Association 

Rescue and Adoption Organizations: 
Animal Rescue Association of America 
American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals 
National Animal Control Association  

Traveling with Your Pet: 
AAA – Traveling With your Pet 
How to Travel with Your Dog 
Traveling With Your Dog 
Pet-Friendly Hotels and Pet-Friendly Travel 

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