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Puppy and Kitten Packages 

Getting a new puppy or kitten?  We offer puppy and kitten packages that help get your new family member off to a great start!  Our packages offer everything your new pet needs for one great price, including a discount towards spaying and neutering!  

Senior Wellness Profiles 

Is your boy starting to show a little gray in his muzzle? Is your girl a little slower than she used to be?  As we get older, our bodies don't seem to run as well, however, with a little TLC, we can help your older pet maintain his or her health as long as possible.  Our packages offer bloodwork, radiographs, urinalysis and more to monitor the changes your pet may be facing! 

K-Laser packages 

Our k-Laser in a great tool to help your pet in many ways!  Arthritis? Back trouble? Chronic ear infections? Let us talk to you about how the k-Laser can be beneficial to your pet and how you can save $ at the same time!

We offer a wide variety of rebates and special offers to help you save money while taking the best care of your furry family members!  Please call our office and talk with our staff about ways you can save a little to help your pet a lot!

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